About Us

The recipients of our services are enterprises operating in various sectors that are crucial for the innovation and economic growth. We cooperate with manufacturing plants with well-qualified staff and machinery parks at a high technological level. Bearing in mind continuous development of operations, we provide best technological and product solutions, bringing these companies closer to the success in the world of innovation. We also maintain partnerships with clients who have production facilities located internationally, giving us an incredible opportunity to spread our services abroad. 



In addition, the Cobant GROUP technology allows rehabilitation of degraded areas, either by restoring them to the natural condition or for other purposes. In any case it brings back large areas back for local communities and most importantly, wastes are not generated further and do not pose a threat to the environment.

Cobant GROUP technology allows the recovery of coal from waste in accordance with the rules of circular economy (waste-free technology). Recovered coal has high quality parameters consistent with international standards (eg. anti-smog laws).

Advantages of the technology:

  • mobility,
  • zero-waste,
  • reduced use of natural resources,
  • reduced CO2 emissions,
  • overall carbon footprint reduction.


We focus on excellence in every sector of our business, therefore we put great emphasis on scientific research. For this purpose, we have employed qualified scientific staff who performs a wide range of services, such as observation, data analysis, prototype testing and preparation of business solutions. We work with scientists from universities and research centers and also with many organizations supporting the development of science such as the Silesian University of Technology.

From March 2021, Cobant Group S.A. has the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate in the field of “Production and sale of materials for the production of ecological solid fuel. Engineering and development of adequate technology “.

Our rules

Passion to guarantee the birth of revolutionary ideas

Sustanible development as a key to creating unique results

Innovative solutions and products to meet consumer expectation

We focus on modern R&D, analysis, reporting and business simulation methods. We carry out industrial research and development works with the strong support of scientific units, and also carry out analyzes, expertise and market research. The combination of traditional scientific values and modern analytical solutions gives opportunities that no other research center in Poland.

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We closely observe the market and its needs using a wide range of data acquisition methods. We subject them to a detailed analysis, and as a consequence we provide valuable feedback on which together we can build a product development strategy. We know the potential consumers and their opinions perfectly and we know from which side the competition reaches them. Together, we improve this path or choose a completely new one.

We know how to ask a question to help us look at the issue from a broader perspective, but we also like to look for answers. We are able to soberly assess the risk and estimate the degree of investment success.

We do not reproduce existing methods, but we rely on the original ideas of our specialists in research and development. We use the best materials for the production of our products and thus consumers are aware that they have received a premium product.